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Part worn tyres must not have any of the following defects:

•any cuts bigger than 25mm or 10% of the section width of the tyre - measured on the outside and deep enough to reach the ply or cord
•any internal lump, bulge or tear caused by separation or partial separation of the structure
•any of the ply or cord exposed internally or externally

NOTE: The tyre must not exhibit any of the above defects when inflated to the highest pressure at which it is designed to operate.


•the base of any groove of the original tread pattern must be clearly visible
•the tyre must have at least 2 millimetres of the original tread pattern


•if the tyre has not been retreaded it must bear the relevant approval mark, a speed category symbol and the load-capacity index, OR
•if the tyre has been retreaded it must bear the Mark BS AU 144b, BS AU 144c, BS AU 144d or BS AU 144e, AND
•immediately next to the mark referred to above, the tyre must bear the words "PART-WORN" in capital letters at least 4 millimetres high. This mark must be permanently and legibly applied to the tyre but NOT by hot branding or otherwise cutting the tyre


•any repairs must have been properly carried out - to the standard required by BS AU 159e: 1990

There are some limited exceptions that apply in particular circumstances but in general all part-worn tyres for supply must meet the above requirements.

Please note that this information is for guidance only and is not a full interpretation of the law which only a court of law can give.

source from http://www.salford.gov.uk/partworn-tyres.htm